Historical Hermes Happiness!!

  1. The new Kermit Oliver scarf (Lafayette) is in and I just picked up two today! Giddy Up!!!
    Being a HUGE KO fan I am SOOOOO very happy right now...:yahoo: :woohoo: :yahoo::woohoo:

    Here's a link to the thread about the design:

    I hope to post pix tomorrow PM. I got the brown one and the pink one. They are just stunning!! :love: Way better in person than in the pictures that have been floating around.

    The amount of detail/design of this scarf is unbelieveable! Ben Franklin is at one corner and Tom Jefferson is at the other (on the bottom). And the top corner designs are flipped, so no matter how you fold it, the corners will always be right side up! And the Washington Memorial from Valley Forge Park (in PA) is spot on!

    Ahhhh....I just can't contain my excitement. :shame:

    Off to show DH! So he can tell me how nuts I am! :graucho: He'll think I am even more nuts when I tell him that my Christmas present is awaiting his pickup...a gorgeous leather agenda in orange swift! :p
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congratulations, This scarf is one I have been pondering also.
  4. Congratulations!!
    I got the brn one and I agree with your summary completely -- Congrats on the agenda too.... ENJOY all the new stuff!
  5. Congratulations!!
  6. Oh! I'd LOVE to see pics of that beauty! I'm liking that one too! My inner-History nerd has the hots for that design!
  7. Wow... that sounds beautiful... I'm looking forward to seeing pics!!
  8. preppycowgirl, Congrats!! :smile:
  9. OMG - that scarf is stunning....such detail! And I live right next to Valley Forge park....mmmhh...
  10. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! :yahoo:

    I believe the Lafayette scarf is considered a special edition and is in limited supply. If you want this scarf, go very quickly to your local H or hermes.com!! Or, contact Lafayette College if you like that colorway (red/white/blue).

    I showed the scarf (well, one of the colorways that I bought) to my DH and he admitted that it was a great scarf. He loves my Kermit scarves because of all the wildlife. Wasn't sure if he'd like this one.

    Then he asked "Did you get it on eBay?" Nope! Hermes! "Well, how much does something like that cost at Hermes?!" Uh oh! :sweatdrop: Too much! :shame: "Oh, like $500?!" Nah, not that much...for one...more like $300. "Oh, okay..." PHEW! :graucho:
  11. WOW! This is gorgeous.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm schizo. I go for the really modern designs like Passage a Tokyo but also these more "traditional" ones. :heart:
  12. Congrats !!
    Can't wait to see pics !!
  13. Funny, I am the same way! If it hits me right, I like it.

    Congrats on the new KO scarves and the agenda! I don't know that I will be wearing my KO (I got the blue colorway) but I am happy to own it.
  14. Thank you CythinaNYC! Do you think you'll frame it?! I saw the blue one, it's gorgeous, but I can't do blue (particularly that shade). But when I saw it, I thought, that would look stunning framed!
  15. Super congratulations on your new KO scarves!!! Cannot wait to see your photos.