Historic Fun Moment on Pantry Raid!

  1. Tonight was a celebrity edition - Finola Hughes, who most here will know as the host of "How Do I Look?" and a few will remember in ancient times when Finola played Anna Devane on General Hospital. (And yes, her plastic surgeon is a major genius, as she appears not to have aged).

    Well, anyway, Finola's husband does all the cooking because she sucks at it, and their friends were coming over when he wasn't there, and she wanted to surprise her friends because they all tease her about not being able to cook and will never expect that with her husband gone blah blah.

    The Historic and Fun Moment: One of the guests is a VERY old friend of Finola, Ian Buchanan and so very old viewers were treated to seeing Anna Devane and Duke Lavery** together again, or at least at each end of the table, eating her fabulous dinner that of course was no challenge for Pantry Raid dude, since her husband does cook, of course her pantry and fridge contain anything and everything, and they also happen to live on a huge piece of land full of fruit trees that just happened to be fruiting.

    But it was cool to see "Duke and Anna" sipping soup and giggling down the table at each other after all these decades. :smile:

    Note for younger viewers who are still reading: Duke and Anna were one of the major steamy and tumultuous soap opera couples during the early paleolithic era.