'Historic', 'Catastrophic', 'Mind-boggling'

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  1. Some of the terms I've seen used by weather people regarding the potential Ice Storm moving through the southern states over the next couple of days.

    Parts of Georgia and South Carolina could go dark for days or weeks if the predictions come true.

    Pennsylvania is just coming back on from a similar storm.

    This new storm may race up the east coast into Maryland and New Jersey with nearly a foot of snow.

    But Spring is just around the corner. :flowers::angel:
  2. Lol! It's dry as a bone here and those were the words describing the weather we should've gotten over the past 36 hours :lol:
  3. Ugh so great to hear...not. NYC has been snowy. It feels like forever. I would do anything for it to be spring. We might get a foot tomorrow.
  4. I'm in CT, we already have quite a few inches on the ground from the past few weeks. I'm over this snow!