His & Hers Claddagh Rings... Any advice?

  1. So... DH and I are getting into the spirit of St Patrick's Day and ordered matching Claddagh Rings. They just came today... hooray! We ordered them on an impulse this weekend, and chose sterling rings instead of white gold because we hadn't planned on dropping hundreds of dollars on rings. Anyway, I love the story of the Claddagh Ring and what it represents, so someday in the future we will upgrade to white gold or platinum rings.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy (maybe somewhere that offers a great deal, or has a unique selection) or has anyone seen any interesting Claddagh Ring designs that they'd like to share? TIA!

    This is what ours look like:
  2. Oh gosh...I love those. There is a link on my website's shopping directory and somewhere on there is a jewelry site that only sells that kind of jewelry. I'm at work right now but I'll try to find which one it is when I get home.
  3. Thanks so much! I browsed your website for a little bit, but there are quite a few links so I didn't find the Claddagh rings.

    BTW, your jewelry is gorgeous! :smile:
  4. Thanks for the links! I am literally running out the door, so I'll check them out when I get home today...
  5. Oooh! I love the ones from the first link... and now I'm torn - there are some really great celtic knot rings as well!

    Maybe I should get two?!?!?
  6. why not? LOL =D Aren't those links great?!? I am always so impressed with what can be found out there. Make sure to post a link when you make your purchase. :smile:
  7. mmm I never like the Claddagh rings but I suppose the symbolism of the heart turned in thing is quaint! Very Irish!
  8. Depending on a person's heritage or taste, many people use these as wedding rings. It is quite common in Boston, for example, for couples to wear these as wedding bands. I don't have any good advice on where to order them, but I just wanted to chime in that they are beautiful with a long history. Congratulations on your new rings!
  9. There are tons of little shops in Claddagh, Ireland (pretty much a part of Galway now), but when I looked there, it was hard to find any in gold over10k. I would have loved to buy one there. CastoCreations already posted two of my favorite sites. (great minds think alike!;))

    I bought a couple of silver ones for my daughters when they were little, and my eldest lost hers, so I have been looking for another one for her. I saw some with heart-shaped emeralds for hte heart that I really liked. I'll see if I can find them again.
  10. I love the meaning behind these rings- I do not see Vlad wearing one, but I would love to... if he gave me one!! :amuse:
  11. My husband gave me one for our first wedding anniversary as it's very close to St. Patrick's Day.

    I bought a really cute Claddagh toe ring that I wear all summer and get a lot of compliments on.
  12. Thanks gals! I will definitely let you know when we get the upgraded rings and post links/pics...

    Katsbags, a Claddagh toe ring sounds cute! :smile:
  13. I live in Galway which is the home of the Claddagh ring! I also love the symbolism.
  14. Not sure if that 'quaint - very Irish' comment is a compliment or not! I suppose you must be sore after our victory in the rugby yesterday! :yahoo:

    b.t.w. No offence intended :smile: I'm just so happy after our great win!