His First!

  1. sooo a few weeks ago...my boyfriend dropped his wallet...and lost that and everything in it...he was devastated...i would be too...he was visiting his grandma who was in the hospital at the time...as he ran back to pick up something he had forgotten...PLOP...the wallet fell out...it was a Kenneth cole..soo not too much of a loss...point is i decided to get him his VERY FIRST LV for xmas...i dropped by the LV STORE today at the beverly center and picked up the multiple bill holder! IMM SOOOOOO :yahoo:EXCITED.:yahoo:..I JUST KNOW HE LL LOVE IT!..thought id share it w/ all of u! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!:woohoo:;):tup:
  2. Very good choice. You BF will love it. :flowers:
  4. im sure it won't be his last :graucho:
  5. wow what a great gift!
  6. Oh Cool.
  7. Nice! Im thinking of getting my bf a damier wallet soon !
  8. Congrats, I'm sure he would love it. That's very sweet of you.
  9. I hope he LVoes it....I have no doubt....congrats.
  10. I'm sure he'll absolutely love it, since it is especially hand picked by you! Happy Holidays to you as well!
  11. that's sweet of you!
  12. he will love it!!!
  13. Nice! I'm sure he'll love it!!
  14. what a lucky boy to have such a nice gf!!!
  15. Great choice, how sweet of you!