His and Hers...

  1. So.. My boyfriend has a hobby which happens to be Road Biking right now and my hobby is collecting LV. He wanted a new Road Bike, and I wanted a new purse... :smile: Here's a photo of both our loves... As long as I continue to get purses... He can have his bike hobby!
  2. Hey there -
    I love the picture!! That is soooo cute!! What is the name of this bag?

  3. The lovely Deauville :smile:
  4. Congrats to you! I have a co-worker with a 'bike habit' - he has shared the cost of that habit - :shocked: I never knew!!!
  5. I am really understand ur feelings! My DH hv exactly same hobby with ur BF! Ohh at last i am not alone!!! Lollots!
  6. I feel u sister ... My hubby likes
    motorcycle and his on a hunt for the
    2nd one :biggrin: here's my hubby with his
    hobby and my hobby with hubby :biggrin:


    Motorcycle and purse :P
  7. :lol::lol:

  8. Omg! Thats too funny! I think my purse weighs more than my BF'S bike :sad:

  9. Thank god! It's getting more out of control than my bag obsession!
  10. Yes... Let's just say that bike.. Isn't just a "bike"... I'm happy though!
  11. Congrats. I love that we get to LVoe when our loves' loves.
    (Hope that wasn't too confusing....)
  12. Congrats! :smile:
  13. What a sweet topic ooh ^^
  14. My DH has his bike too and his electronics. Glad too see I'm not alone.