Hirshleifer's Report!

  1. Here's what I saw this morning at Hirshleifer if you're looking for something:

    Sale bags- all 25% off
    Small brown with brown patent CC Reporter bag
    Black and brown bowler bag
    Red/yellow tweed flap bag with fringes all around
    Some shoes- pumps and flats on sale too.

    Regular priced bags-
    Black Cloudy bundle bowler
    Khaki/olive E/W drawstring cloudy bundle bag
    Brown lambskin Sharpei bag
    Black and blue Lady braid bowler bags
    several black nylon travel bags
    Rock and Chain black bag- the kind that looks like a single sling backpack or something
    Lots of caviar and lambskin classic flap bags, GSTs, PSTs, and some Medallion tote bags but I forgot what colors.

    If you need any help, Nili is a very nice sales associate. You can call her at 516-627-3566.
  2. Thanks for the update. Was any of the RTW on sale? Thanks!!
  3. Yup...I saw at least 2 racks with the sale signs above them. I saw some jackets and some shirts and dresses.
  4. i was able to find a pair of nice flats with 55% off... :yahoo:
  5. wow...i saw the list abt caviar/lambskin flaps....i assume this is in USA right? Will call & check it out!

    Thanks for posting!
  6. Any idea how much off? I think I need to take a trip over there! Thanks!!!