Hirschliefer's Rant:

  1. As some of you know, I ordered a black cambon reporter from the Hirschliefer's sale last week. Well, since I was a first time customer I had to fax my driver's license and credit card over to them. I was no where near a fax machine, so I had my mother buy it for me and fax everything from her work. Here's the problem: The woman I first spoke to, confirmed the price was 40% off, but my mother, unknowingly signed a receipt for 30% off PLUS tax plus shipping! I only found out the other day when I was transferring the money from my account to hers, she called me and asked if I would be transferring the rest of the money later? I know I still got a deal on my reporter, but it should have been a better one! I called and since my mother signed the receipt, it is final sale and there is nothing they can do about it!:cry: :mad: So, instead of my bill coming to $1925 it came to $2398.08! That's almost $500 more!! Well, I think I'm finished.

    Thanks for letting me get it out here, girls! I feel much better..
  2. doublec31 - I'm so sorry to hear about this ordeal with Hirshleifer's. If the SA confirmed with you that the sale was for 40% off, and you indicated that in the fax, then it's their pricing mistake and they should definitely reimburse you for the difference. Besides, I'm pretty sure that the only mark-down they had for the Cambon line was 40%....so I don't think there ever was a 30% markdown to begin with (i.e. not like it was a further markdown, from 30% --> 40%)....so how is it possible that SA "confused" the prices/markdowns? That's not really excusable, final-sale or not.

    A well-known shopping mecca like Hirshleifer's is not a place where SA's & customers bargain with each other about prices or where SA's offer different discounts to different customers (at least not that I've ever heard of). I double-checked my credit card account the day the charged it and it looked right at -40% (I've yet to get my bag though, it's arriving sometime this week). I faxed them my driver's license & credit card for verification as well, but didn't sign any receipt -- they never faxed me anything in return (like a receipt to sign or anything like that).....I just called them numerous times that same day after the fax to verify the final charges.

    Since you ordered after me, how could the discount have gone from 40% to 30% (unless they intentionally raised the prices throughout the sale?)? In you case I would definitely call them up and ask to speak with a head SA or the store manager.

    Oh, also, I just remembered something -- you mentiond that they charged you TAX for shipping out-of-state? That's DEFINITELY got to be reimbursed (I don't even think that's legal business-wise since they have no store in your state). This caught my eye b/c the day I ordered mine (during the pre-sale), my SA sounded pretty clueless about taxes & things of that sort -- at first she mentioned there will be taxes for shipping to anywhere except NJ....I immediately corrected her and pointed out that if shipping to a state where Hirshleifer's has no physical presence (i.e. any state besides NY), there's no tax per business law -- she had no idea, went to check with her manager about this, and later apologized for her mistake. Thank God this happened before I faxed her the credit card info.

    Anyway, let us know how this turns out & good luck!
  3. I agree. You ought to be reimbursed since the store was offering a 40% off sale.
  4. I too would call and ask for a manager. That is really unacceptable. I also ordered from them, but my cambon was not on sale. I did not have to pay a sales tax (live out of state) and they told me their shipping was a standard $20. Let us know how this turns out.
  5. Wow, I'm sorry. That is totally ridiculous, and $500 is a lot of money you could use towards your next purchase!

    I think the others are right. You should talk to a manager, or write a letter and make sure to include all the details you can remember. (Sometimes, it's easy to forget to mention something when you're having a phone conversation.) If that doesn't yield a refund of the sales tax at least, then you should file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and have them try to get you a refund.

    Good luck!
  6. I agree, speak with a manager and if she gives you the same business politely let her know that you will be speaking to your Mom about conducting a charge-back. Worked for me with a snippety manager in a boutique where I bought a top they refused to allow me to return (despite their policy). I filed the charge-back, won my case (and got to keep the Lotta Stensson top too! The store didn't want it back.)
  7. I'm so sorry that your great bargain turned out to be such a hassle.

    I also think that you should try to talk to a manager about the 40% off sale and the tax- you have nothing to lose and much money to gain. If you still are unhappy, then I like Roey's idea of pursueing the chargeback. For me $500 is alot of money to lose.

    I still hope that you like your handbag and that it was what you were expecting.