Hirschleifers Report as of 10/12/07

  1. I stopped by Hirschleifers today and here's what I saw:

    large black Diamond Stitch
    small black Diamond Stitch
    small white Diamond Stitch
    black Diamond Stitch flap bag
    several black nylon Travel collection bags
    brown Luxe Ligne bowler bag (I think it's a medium size?)
    brown Luxe Ligne tote bag
    red Luxe Ligne tote bag
    brown Outdoor Ligne hobo bag
    brown Outdoor Ligne doctor bag
    grey Outdoor Ligne doctor bag
    Outdoor Ligne cross body messenger bag (can't remember what color)

    Plus a couple of Lady braid bags, caviar and lambskin small and medium flap bags, some Le Marais bags, Pocket in the City, and some others that I forgot. I hope you find something here that you've been searching for!
  2. brown luxe ligne bags? :nuts: Were they a true brown or more on the bronzey side?
  3. anyone have a picture of the messenger bag?
  4. they are a true brown, i saw them the last time i was there
  5. My reaction was the same as Jenn's! The luxe ligne was never made in brown; I think she is refering to the Luxe bowler in bronze and Modern Chain tote in dark brown. Many people confuse the Luxury and MC lines because they look similar (eBay sellers are notoriously mixing them up in their listings...).
  6. "red Luxe Ligne tote bag" - Does anyone have a picture of this or any Luxe ligne bag for that matter
  7. What's the price of the Diamond Stitch flap??