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  1. If anyone lives in LA, a lady in the tokidoki lovers group on facebook posted this in the wall:

    jill capps (Los Angeles, CA) wrote
    at 10:51pm on May 22nd, 2007
    hey...so im the manager at the lesportsac store in los angeles, at the beverly center mall...im currently hiring part time sales associates...the pay is good, and get a great, and i mean GREAT, discount on tokidoki for lesportsac bags...if anyone is interested, stop by and fill out an application, or email me a resume at jcapps@lesportsac.com

    I would totally go for it but i like ~2000 mi away!
  2. wow glad i live in the midwest or else I would own one of everything. But that sure is a nice job discount!
  3. Crud, too bad I don't live in LA :sad: IDK, I would work at our lesportsac...but I'm not a great salesperson haha unless it's just tokidoki, then I can lolz.
  4. hey Jill helped me out when I called the store to hold some spiaggia stuff. She seems like a cool manager!
  5. gosh dang if i drove i would totally consider this even though i don't live in LA...