Hiring housecleaners - precautions to take?

  1. Hi everyone, I finally decided to get help cleaning my apartment. The cleaners came today and they did a great job! I just wanted to ask if
    you would trust them with the keys when you're not around. Additionally, are there any precautions people like me should take when employing a housecleaning service? I guess I have this fear of coming home to an empty apartment. :sad: Please advise! TIA.
  2. Hi Tia,
    I know finding a cleaning lady can be nerve racking. I think if you want to hire someone you should definitely ask for references and call them before commiting to anything. Also you could ask for a copy of her DL and make sure you know where she lives, I think you can also run a background check for a small fee.
    Once you find someone you can trust it'll be just great, good help is hard to find!
    Also ask around, finding someone via word of mouth is always the best.
  3. Thanks westiegirl, what's a DL though? Driver's license?
  4. yes Dl is driver license.....
  5. hide some money under ur couch cushions or something... like a $20 then check if its still there when shes gone...
  6. Definitely get references and make sure the cleaners are bonded and insured. When I started using a cleaning service a few years ago I was really freaking out but coming home to a spotless house is the best! :yahoo: I haven't had any problems with breakage or loss.
  7. When you do get a trustworthy housekeeper, never let her go- my family has employed the same woman for almost 20 years, who has never stolen anything. She does have some odd habits though:
    -she likes to move around our funiture- i.e. she'll take a table from the garage and put in the guest bedroom as a nightstand
    -she likes to take our change home and put it in those banking rolls and bring it back the next week
    -and she LOVES cleaning the bathrooms but will only do the bare minimum of dusting
  8. Did you find your cleaning lady through an agency. If the answer is yes, then I would think it perfectly acceptable to give her a key (on the understanding that if she loses it, she will pay for the replacement). If you have found her through another avenue, I would wait atleast 6 weeks to see how it is working out before giving her a key to your home. Alot of cleaners do a great job the first time (so that you are pleased with them) and seem to slack off after. Its harsh but true! so wait a few weeks and if you are still happy, hand the key over then.
  9. I actually heard about them from a work friend who signed a contract with them to clean her place. I didn't know about housecleaners being bonded and insured, I'll check. There are at least 2 people who come to clean she said, and it's run by a couple (husband and wife) who also clean.
  10. Thanks for all your advice so far girls!
  11. I use a cleaning service company. They are bonded etc. The crew gets my key the day they come, but the company holds it otherwise. The same crew comes every time. I would look around for established companies.
  12. Hope we are helping, kitty! A few other things I like about the company I use:

    - they always call the night before to remind me when they will be there.
    - I leave a key in a hidden place for them and they put it back when they lock up. I never have the key with the company permanently.
    - they leave a checklist behind showing who did what (who cleaned the bathroom, who did the kitchen floor, who locked the doors and windows when they left, etc.) That way if there is a concern I can go back to the company and name a name.
  13. We just hired housekeepers. I have them come in once a week but I have heard so many horror stories that I refuse to leave the house when they are here. But I also feel guilty if I am not doing something too! So I will usually save my laundry for that day so I'm folding clothes/towels while they work. (I know I'm silly that way - don't want to look like a lazy housewife!)
  14. Most services are bonded and insured. I have used them for heavy cleaning 2 times year since forever, and never had anything stolen or broken. My housekeepers, I've always hired through word of mouth and while I haven't always been thrilled with their skills, I have never had anyone steal from me. I think people who want to make a quick and dishonest buck don't see housekeeping as the way to do it.
  15. my service is bonded and insured as well. however, if they steal something irreplacable, their compensation won't do me any good! KWIM?