Hiring a tutor

  1. I am thinking about looking for one on craiglist.com, does anyone know under what category should i look for? Thanks.
  2. Is Craigslist the best place to look for a tutor? I used to work for a tutoring company in college. So you would just call the company and tell them what type of tutor you're looking for. The good thing about this is that the company does the interviewing and find good tutors. My other suggestion is to post something at a nearby university or college.
  3. Yes, I suggest going the route that titania029 said. I use to be a tutor during my high school years and I was a tutor at a company called Kumon (for Math and English). They set me up with students and it was easier to get along with parents and/or students because they knew that we were already qualified.
  4. I did think of something else. If you do find the tutor on your own, it will be cheaper than going through the tutoring company. My company used to pay me $15/hr, and I found out from the parent that she was paying the company $35/hr. I would imagine most universities and colleges have online posting boards for this kind of thing now, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one through that route.
  5. A tutor for what subject? If you have a local college/university call up the department office of the subject you want to study and ask for names. Most departments in colleges have a list of students who are available to tutor other students. Going rate is about $15-20 per hour.
  6. I've actually found a tutor through Craiglists & from my local university, I find actual tutoring companies charge way too much per hour
  7. I tutored in HS and college and usually I found the jobs through postings at the university. I charged between 25 and 50 bucks an hour. Though the upper end was an unsolicited raise (not that I complained :smile:)!
  8. Thanks for all the inputs. I think I will post a flyer at my local univeristy.
  9. Never fear, BTBF! I actually just recently had a tutor this past semester helping me with geometry, and she honestly helped a LOT. I don't know if I could have passed it without her. Craig's list? That might be a good route, but I picked another option. My mom actually found my tutor through a list that my current geometry teacher at the time had, so assuming that you're a college student, maybe you should ask your professor firsthand for a list of possible tutors. Rates are pretty affordable. My tutor was an actual teacher who taught at another school so it made me feel more comfortable knowing that she was qualified. She charged $40 an hour, but you have to remember that you're getting what you payed for- it may or may not be in your price-range and I'm in no position to judge that for you, but I definitely found that it was worth the money in my case. Good luck darlin!
  10. ohhhhh a tutor......I was thinking of getting one for math since that's my weakest subject (I'm aiming for a 4.0 GPA) but I've never had one before so I don't know what it would be like.
    What's it like having a tutor?