Hired a balenciaga to purchase HELP?

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  1. Hi, perhaps this should be in the authenticate this section but I am perplexed as to what I should do.
    I just 'hired' a Balenciaga Motorcycle from a UK based firm. I received the bag today, as I was seriously considering buying it after my trial week. I figured it would be less expensive than actually purchasing a new one and Balenciaga seems to look lovely over time.
    Regardless, I just received the bag and the serial number on the back ends in 3444....I thought that this was the tell tale sign of a fake. Can anyone tell me if any of the Balenciaga's ever ended in 444? I am not trying to disparage the firm, thus not naming it, especially if I am wrong. Please help me? Thanks!
  2. Never mind, figured it out, it is real! Just needed to use to ole reference library. It is an amazing bag....I love it! Just got a bit scared. It is a big investment.