Hippo lock

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  1. These are adorable! I'd love to get one but I guess you can't put the cart before the horse, uh?
    FYI - they cost $285.
  2. They are SO cute! I will get one when I get my Birkin. :smile:
  3. Cute! I also like the palladium heart and the pegasus!
  4. Very cute, I'm getting one when I get my birkin too :biggrin:
  5. What a cute hippo! I want a pegasus for my birkin. There is a lion too that is just way adorable.
  6. I saw a gold hippo lock today at the store and it was super cute!!! Too bad they didn't have it palladium. I'd like one to complement my fuschia kelly... since I don't have a birkin, yet!
  7. How adorable, I have to have one for my Birkin whenever I get my Birkin
  8. I've been thinking about buying one of these myself, and then I'll *have* to eventually get the Birkin to go with it!
  9. My Hippo...So cute ;)

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  10. gigi and cliffene - adorable hippos! They're super cute!!!!!! I want one!
  11. I love the Hippos myself. Does anyone know why they do hippos? Is there a reason?
  12. Continuing kelly's question ... do they change the design every year? So far, I've only seen a pegasus and the hippo.
  13. Thanks! I bought it before I even got the Birkin LOL
    Yes the design is new every year ;) the Hippo is from last year :smile:
  14. Every year they pick a theme and call it the year of the whatever.
    2006 is the year of Paris or something and it's a ship - for some historical reason that I can't remember now!!