Hippo lock - how do you open it???

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  1. Could one of you fine ladies enlighten me?:shame: My hippo lock just arrived. I can't for the life of me figure out how you open it so you can attach it to a bag. It doesn't have a key hole or key. Please help.:shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. Kat, you're not alone! I had a heck of time figuring mine out. You have to depress that little nodule with your fingernail and it will slide open at that point.
  3. Hmm how interesting. My hippo simply has a screw thing that you turn and then it slides open..
  4. ^^oops...I was referring to my Pegasus--just assumed it was the same!
  5. You unscrew the one side and it will open. :flowers:
  6. I forgot to add...Congrats!!! :yahoo: I had the hardest time figuring it out too! :shame:
  7. LOL - same happened to me - bought from e-bay and e-mailed the seller immediately wondering how the heck I would get into it!! Congrats though - so cute!
  8. I love the hippo lock too, but unfortunately it reminds me too much of my hips ! :s
  9. Congrats Kat on the hippo. I love mine. Enjoy!
  10. How have you all been using your Hippo? Hang it on the turnkey?:confused1: And does that mean you put away your lock and clochette ?
  11. ^^You could replace the lock with the hippo on the tirette.
  12. Thanks.:P Actually, DH figured it out right away. It must be me. :true:
  13. I just put mine on my Bolide. I just replaced the regular lock with the hippo.:P I'll take pics and post.
  14. ^^ oh yes! please do!
    congratulations on the lock AND the helpful dh. lol
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