Hippie in da house beep beep y'all (a Legacy thread)

  1. I ordered it directly from the store and picked up last week. The cross body strap is perfect!

    I have a ton of bags but this one brought me back to Coach and I :heart: love it. I hope they do more wonderful leather. I'm not into signature at all.

    I added the stripey matching coinpurse, cute- no?
  2. Wow! It's gorgeous! I was just thinking about using a credit I have to get this and was wondering what it looks like IRL. Thanks for sharing and enjoy it! I love the little coin purse too - so very cute!
  3. So gorgeous. I love the little coin purse on the site! Enjoy
  4. Cool!
  5. The coin purse adds a nice flair to it. Very nice!
  6. Looks great! Enjoy it.

    I just heard that Coach's stock went way up today due to increasing profit projections... Wonder why? Maybe they will continue to improve their product. They found a keeper in the Legacy Line.
  7. I totally dig it!
  8. Cute. I think I might need that bag too.
  9. Gorgeous bag! I checked online for it, and they have its picture on the Legacy handbag page, but when you click on it they say it isn't available online! Argh! Why have its photo prominently displayed and not have it availalbe?

    I'll have to wait until November 4th for my next trip to the boutique.
  10. This would be the bag I would get if I was to get one from this line. I LOVE my striped coin purse and I know you will too! It doesn't scream coach, but those in the know know, and its just too cute!
  11. It is gorgeous! :yes: Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous, and the little coin purse is so cute too! :drool:
  13. hey.. you know what would also add a nice flair to the hippie.. the scarf... or when you're carrying this and its in your hair...just a thought......
  14. we JUST got one in the store

    its super cute. that was my first choice but i don't just messenger bags much so i got the ali instead.

    now i want that.

    it's a matter of choosing black or whiskey.
  15. LOL you're upselling me! :yes:

    It does sound cute. I did almost get the scarf but I somehow justified the coinpurse as -get this- "practical". Even though I know I've just got it on there mostly for show...