Hippie Comfort!


Feb 5, 2008
It can start to be uncomfortable when loaded, yes. I switch it to my other shoulder when that happens or use the short shoulder strap for awhile. I mainly do not put very much stuff in my hippies so I won't weigh them down.
Mar 24, 2009
i find it to be extremely comfortable crossbody... it is my bag of choice for a super long day of shopping or errands because i don't have to worry about it slipping off of my shoulder... for me, the way the body of the bag rests at my side helps to support some of the weight if i have it loaded down so i've never had any discomfort from the crossbody strap at all... i am a bit over 5'10" so the bag falls at a really comfortable spot on my hip but it might not do that if your are shorter or slimmer than i am

i carry a wallet, a cosmetic case, PDA case/organizer, two cell phones, a book, a pill case and two sets of keys and an eyeglass case to give you an idea of the weight i am usually carrying in my bags

you ultimately will have to be the judge of whether it will work for you based on your shape, size and the the content of your bag... if you find one, load it down with the contents of your purse to see if it feels comfortable for you... the SAs actually encourage you to do this to help you commit to the bag


Sep 16, 2008
johnniegirl- It is funny that you mention the SAs encouraging you to try your stuff in the purse at the store because my mom and my aunt didn't believe me the first time I told them. They couldn't imagine doing that right there in the middle of the store, but then I finally talked them into it and they loved being able to!

I agree with everything johnniegirl says- it does depend on your body type/size and it also depends on what you carry in your bag.

I LOVE my large parker hippie's comfortable straps and wearing it crossbody. I don't like how she flops on herself when I set her down, but I am willing to overlook it because she is a great crossbody bag and helpful for a long day shopping or when I don't want to carry a bag the traditional way.


Jun 23, 2009
Well I'm just over 5 feet tall and I have the small one and I find it very, very comfy. I shorten the strap as much as possible, and it falls right at my hip. I used it a couple of weeks ago showing around my family for a sightseeing tour - we did museums and walked around for the entire day - maybe 6 hours, and my Hippie was a godsend.


Feb 9, 2006
I'm 5ft. and I love that when I'm out with my 2 smaller kids, I have my hands free for them.. By the way, I have the smaller hippie as well and I don't find it to be heavy at all.. It all depends on what you carry in your bags...


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Jan 29, 2009
I'll chime in about the smaller hippie too! It's great even when fully loaded, but I bet the larger Hippie is heavier when fully loaded because it can hold more stuff. If you can find a smaller hippie maybe that would be better. Some outlets still carry them and supposedly there is a new Hippie coming out in the near future.


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May 13, 2009
I have a large hippie, and I do find it uncomfortable to wear crossbody when it's loaded with stuff. Normally I carry a cosmetic case, a capacity wristlet with IPOD, mini-skinny, datebook, and a cell phone. With all that stuff in there, it's feels great.

But when I go to work I also carry a book (usually a big one) and a couple of cans of coke. :smile: It digs into my shoulder if I put it on crossbody with all that stuff in it. Using the shoulder strap, it's completely comfortable.


Sep 16, 2009
I love wearing my Hippie crossbody but I'm thinking I don't carry as much stuff as some of you do.

I also have to agree that using the shorter handle is quite comfortable.

I bought this purse because of all the raves here and I have to say I haven't been dissapointed!!:biggrin: