hiphop clothing

  1. does anyone here wear alot of hiphop clothing such as babyphat rocawear applebottom ect i dont know about every one else but im not into that fad or trend and dont not like any clothing of that sort what about you
  2. no not really, but i do own a triple five soul sweater and that's about it. i've seen many girls that look good in the clothes however it's not my personal style. :shrugs:
  3. LOL, that reminds me that I saw a lady the other day wearing "applebottoms" but she should have been wearing "2 dogs fighting under a blanket bottoms"!! who woulda thought they came in that size?? tho she prolly squeezed into her daughter's pants coz they were obviously too small for her.
  4. lol
  5. Only Triple 5 Soul tops.