Hip Hop / Rap?

  1. Do any of you listen to hip hop / rap music? its my favorite type of music, i mainly like Lil' Kim and Crime Mob. :heart:
  2. I do. . . I'm almost embarrassed because of the stereotype I fall into {suburban housewife, etc. . . } but I LOVE music and I love hip hop and a lot of rap!
  3. I like a lot of hip hop and some rap, although I am painfully aware I should not. I am in the closet with some of my music choices.
  4. word
  5. haha, theres no shame in it. i love having the bass on high when listening to it. lol.
  6. to your mother :lol: :nuts: :roflmfao:
  7. LOL!
    I took DH to see 8 Mile when it came out and he made me swear I'd never tell anyone! LOL!
    The people that work for him would die if they knew! LOL!

    To be honest, I think there's a huge fan base of conservatives that are closet hip hop fans.
  8. yeah dawg:roflmfao:
  9. LMBO Travis!

  10. Dang, I thought 8 Mile was a pretty well done movie. And yes, I agree with SMO3 that there are more conservatives who enjoy this type of music than you might think. Actually, there are a lot of liberals who are closet conservatives and hip hop fans.;) Go figure.
  11. LMAO!!!!!


  12. haha. you guys are a hoot. ;P
  13. My music choices are the weirdest ensemble ever... tonight I was listening to Delila and then changed over to hip hop / rap. Vlad doesn't like it... but it amazes him that I can sing every word to many of the hip hop songs. Yup, I'm cool.
  14. Hell yeah, born and raised to love hip hop, well coming from brooklyn and all.
    "Fo sheezy"

    My 12 year old loves me for it, because I will never tell her to turn that "rap stuff" off. She says I'm a cool mom
  15. Swanky... I neva knew ya wur into da hip hop, ya herd me?

    HA that was my lame attempt :supacool: