Hip colors!

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  1. I'm traveling to Italy soon and currently have a lagon Velo, which will probably be too heavy to be walking around with all day. I'm thinking about getting a hip but I can't decide which color. I love blues and greens but can't seem to find any. So here are my color options: curry (worried about color transfer), ultraviolet, rose thulian, or rogue cardinal. Any recommendations?? Thanks everyone!!

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  2. What colors do you wear most frequently?
  3. Navy's, blacks, grays, greens, corals! So an array of color..
  4. Then rose thulian gets my vote!
  5. I like the Ultraviolet! It's a great color and looks like it would go great in your wardrobe.
  6. Thanks! I'm actually leaning toward either the thulian or ultraviolet but it's very difficult to tell their actual shade on online photos. Sometimes the ultraviolet has too much of a yellow tone to it, whereas I'd prefer a blue tone to it (I gravitate toward blues/greens!). The rose thulian looks like a pink in that photo, but in other photos it looks like punch!
  7. I vote UV!! Great pop color...
  8. I like Ultra Violet as well, but I love purples. I also really like Rouge Cardinal...I think red looks amazing with pretty much any color. I would definitely stay away from Curry...the last thing you need to worry about on a vacation is color transfer on a bag.
  9. Thanks everyone! Anyone know if the rose thulian is true to color in that photo or if it's more jewel toned?
  10. My vote goes to UV! :biggrin:
  11. I vote for rose thulian, such a beautiful color.
  12. I prefer red and UV bag. I've a hip in red color and i love it.
  13. Rose Thulian.
  14. I vote for the red. That shade looks simply divine. :biggrin:
  15. Ultra Violet is my choice. It is a pop of color, no worries about color transfer that you have even with your Rouge Cardinal and it matches a lot of outfits.