Hip Clutches: Are they ever cool?

  1. Ladies, I need your advice! What do you think of this Austyn Hip Clutch (I like the bronze) by The Sak?

    I'm a mom to a 2.5 year old who's always running away from me whenever we go out, and I frequently have to chase him, leaving behind the stroller and, thus, my wallet, phone, keys, etc.

    I'm a child of the 80's, when fanny packs were actually a "fashion accessory,:yucky:" so I admit that I have a phobia when it comes to wearing any type of purse on my waist. However, if I HAVE TO, is this one acceptable, or would the fashion police arrest me:tdown:?

    Thanks so much for your input!
    Hip Clutch.jpg
  2. I'm a child of the 1980's myself! I was all about Nintendo, New Kids on The Block, and Paula Abdul. I vaguely remember having a fanny pack back in the day, but honestly I cant see myself buying or wearing one now! However, if it works for you and functions better than a handbag, then you should go for it!
  3. Personally, I have seen several "fanny packs" that I love...but this isn't one of them. I do have a letter carrier by Dooney & Bourke which I love...it's worn cross-body. I have the Giraffe but it comes in most of their prints. I also love the Kensington Putney by L.A.M.B.

    Louis Vuitton has a couple of different styles as well although I don't know where to grab a pic from right off the bat. But there are plenty of hands-free styles out there, cross-body and belt pack, which are very stylish. Keep looking! :smile:
    lettercarrier.jpg Putney.jpg
  4. Have you considered maybe a messenger bag or a crossbody bag? That would allow you to be hands free and even carry some things for your little one if needed. I have a few and they are lifesavers when I take my kids out with me--I'm always outnumbered so I don't want to give them any more advantages by juggling a handbag, too!
  5. ^ I agree.

    Please don't buy a fanny pack!!!! :nogood:
  6. I can't even say the F-word. But the ones that look kinda like large utility belts aren't TOO bad. Just...whichever one you get, don't ever wear it on your actual fanny. Please.
  7. I feel that way too! I'd really like a not-totally-casual belt bag, but I can't find the right one. IMO, if you go the belt bag route, you have to find something as flat as possible (which means you probably can't carry very much) to avoid it poking out like an '80s fanny pack.

    I managed to buy this Marc Jacobs one in camel last year
    but it holds almost nothing.

    I like the organization of Tokidoki belt bags but the cartoon print is too young for me.

    There was also a previous thread about belt bags that should give you a couple other options.

    Good luck finding the right one for you!
  8. Hmm, can't say I love the look, but if it's functional, go for it!

    You gotta do what you gotta do with kids around. That's why all my bags are going to be shoulder bags when I have a family!
  9. I would also buy cross body before buying a fanny pack...
  10. Maybe a swingpack from Coach?
  11. Hmmm I am not really a fan of hip bags...but I never liked fanny packs back in the 80's. My mom always wanted me to carry one so I didn't bug her to hold my stuff..but then I discovered purses and then it was just downhill from there! lol

    I would say get one if you really like it but make sure you try on different styles first!
  12. I think a Coach swingpack is a great idea! I have a patchwork one and it's what I wear to sporting events, concerts, etc. However, I actually think some of the fanny packs are cute! LV, Chanel and I've even seen a few TokiDoki (which I am not really a fan of, but thought the fanny packs were cute!)

    You know what I say? I say if your overall outfit looks great, then wearing a fanny pack isn't going to make you look bad. Go for it!:tup:
  13. I've seen it worn before... With the right outfit and confidence, you can pull anything off

    I'd say go for it especially if it fits your lifestyle better. =)
  14. Thanks, everyone, for your input! I listened to ALL of your opinions and decided... to get both The Sak hip clutch (pictured) and also the one by Gucci .

    Both look good on, and as long as I'm not wearing "mommy jeans" with velcro-strap white Reeboks (i.e., as long as my outfit is otherwise hip and current), then the fanny pack/hip clutch/belt bag takes on a whole new look. I"m getting the Sak for two of my other mommy friends.

    I really appreciate all of your insight!

  15. I have to agree w/ ysl1983... just as long as your outfit is simple enough (possibly a black/white shirt with jeans- & no sneakers!)to make it seem like an actual accessory. Make sure your outfits are fitting... then it'll look like a belt rather than a "fanny pack".