Hip Bag hood steal? reviews pls newbie here

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  1. hello i found a deep discount at my store for hip bag but not sure about versatility of hip bag in camel color.with GH. Yay or nay on this bag? 495 brand new from store abt to pickup soon just need feedback. ty!
  2. Photos?
  3. dont have any atm but do you have feedback on hip back in general good or bad bag?
  4. I love the hip and have two; one is black the other in lagon, both with rose gold. I think the camel would be a lovely neutral, but it a personal preference. Good luck deciding! :heart:
  5. It also really depends on what you carry. I find the Hip good for an evening out but way too small as a day bag, unless it's a day where you need just the very basics. Others seem to think it's big enough for daily use but they must be minimalists. Having said that, I love my Hip! It has a very cool look and is really easy to wear.
  6. thank you , do you think this bag is super casual? anyone have pics wearing it?
  7. I do think it is a casual bag, but it is Bal after all... so it has a cool edge to it, imo. Here are a couple of pic's of how I wore them recently 20160624_165014.jpg 20160625_120445.jpg . Hope that helps. :heart:
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  8. ohwow that blue hip is gorgeous! thank you for the pics @Dextersmom !
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  9. Beautiful as usual! :biggrin:
    Can you please tell us what it fits/holds without looking stuffed?
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  10. Thanks and of course. :heart: In the hip I can fit comfortably- my small Chanel wallet, phone, ipod, tissue, compact, lipbalm, floss & sunglasses (without the case). :cool:
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