hinged or framed clutch wallets

  1. anyone here uses it? i might buy one at target (isaac mizrahi) or at tjm. do you think its cute and functional? does it lasts long? :confused1:
  2. This is the wallet I use, too. I have a black and a tan and LOVE them!

    I also have a Coach framed clutch, too and I really like it. I don't use it a lot now but I used it for years and it still looks great.

    As for quality/how long they last, I think that will depend on where you buy it.
  3. That's just like a Lodis one I used to have! I loved that thing - it was elegant enough to use alone as a clutch and had lots of space for cards and bills. Except for occasionally overstuffing it and not being able to get it to close, I had no problems until after about 5 years and the piping came unglued.

    Great price; I think you should get it! :yes:
  4. That Target one is cute! I like it!
  5. I have one by abas that I love! Like halocom said the only problem is overstuffing it so it won't close, but it fits a ton of stuff (and the overstuffing problem actually helps me keep more organized)

    The one you posted from Target is really cute! In fact, I just realized I may need one in brown too... :smile:
  6. I actually saw someone carrying this wallet, and stopped her to ask about it!! It is so...cute! I went to Target to look for one last week...but they only had black, and it was the croc that I wanted. The only thing that I am not crazy about is that Izaac Mizrahi is stamped into the croco in one of the corners. But the wallet is darling!
  7. I just picked one of these up at Target - it's so cute! It does have Izaac Mizrahi stamped on it, but it's not really noticeable bc it's the same color as the clutch and it prett much blends in unless you look close. :tup:
  8. i got it! it's so cute! classy wallet and affordable!!
  9. That is so cute! Looks like I'm heading to Target...