1. I don't know where to post this but the Himalya has finally appeared on LZ!
    Is anyone going to get it? Was this a real bag or just a custom order?
  2. That things is fugly...... I mean how can you wear those colors all together? Unless you have a dvf dress or a pucci that has all those colors in it, or something neutral.

    Oh the bears....oh zachary's pizza....oh...
  3. I actually love it. That bag with a black dress/slacks and jacket-gorgeous.
  4. I love that folks can see different things from the same bag! Some :heart: and some :yucky:--I love H for this very reason!
  5. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this one on LZ !
  6. [​IMG]

    whoa! it's...ur...interesting...kinda reminds me of that LV patchwork bag that MJ is selling this year..!
  7. I have always thought this was a S.O. in the eighties when Madonna was everywhere, neon lycra dominated in gyms (and on the street, ewwww) , and someone needed a bag to tie it all together.

    That said, the only way I could see someone really wearing it nowadays is if they put it up on a pedestal or behind glass with a little gold plaque that states how no one is to feed it.

    LoL j/k why it is a unique piece in Hermes, yada yada
  8. It looks HUGE!!

    Not my cuppa tea, but I like looking at it for some reason - fascinating (but not necessarily in a good way)...:p
  9. My husband loves the bag (of course he is peeking over my shoulder)... I think he needs a drink!

  10. I just spit out my Dunkin Dounut White Hot Chocolate all over my computer....Don't feed the Himilaya.....maybe one of us should rescue it!!!

    *QM hums Karma Chameleon as she searches online for Handbag Rescue groups*
  11. LoL You know i'd rescue it if it would fit any of my other pup's collars. Just let it out and let it enjoy some fresh air...

    It would keep away the big predatory birds... :happydance:

    (PS thanks QM hehe I need to PM you tomorrow to ask if some of my own details are a little antiquated too. If I listen exclusively to my friends I'll end up wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra and a twinkie. Um, and liquor. Tired now, must put me and my bizarre ideas to bed nighttttt!! :flowers: )
  12. I think it looks like a bag with birth defects! Notice how that little pursey thing is up on the shoulder. Not right at all. Also has a torso that is too long. Maybe it's mother was on LSD? Think that bag would have be a victim of Roe VS Wade!
  13. I would love to know more about this bag.... history, how it made it to production, etc.....

    It is so crazy, its like the anti-kelly. so MOD!!!

    But I think it is fascinating, like a platypus or those oddly put-together reptiles that show up on national geographic TV....something that defies convention yet is perfectly constructed. I know this must be, because it is Hermes ~~~ you know this is a perfectly crafted bag, after all....

    I have looked at it bag many times...
    Mostly like this :confused1: :wtf: :confused1: :yes: :wtf: :confused1:
    ... but I do like to look at it!!

    Notice that perfectly lucious color of purple, and how beautiful the green croc is....and the color of the ostrich is just amazing, and I am neither a croc or ostrich person. And the color of the interior lining is just amazing....and dont even get me started on the zipper pull!! So machine age!!!

    I could never carry this, but I would love to see it find a perfect home.

    thanks for this thread!!!
  14. Supremely illustrative, HG.
    That bag makes the Himalaya look positively elegantly understated by comparison!!!