Hilton & Richie reunite for 'Simple Life'

  1. That reality-style series, which shows how inept the 2 celebutantes can be in everyday situations, returns Sunday, 10 p.m. EDT on E! Make sure y'all won't miss the show.:amuse:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. nicole looks a lot healthier!! Love both of their dresses :heart:
  3. are these pictures old? hmmmmm. nicole does look alot healthier with the slight weight gain.
  4. Those are the old pictures back when they're still friends :yes: Nicole is still skinny up to this day :yucky:
  5. In the show they are suppose to be friends and in reality they aren't anymore. The show is going to be so fake ...
  6. lol. when does the show starts again?
  7. Don't forget to watch new TV show called "The Simple Life 4" on June 4 at 10pm ( E! Tv only) :o)
  8. they filmed seperately actually.
  9. ^^^ Yup. From what I heard, they will live in 2 separate houses.
  10. nasty tan
  11. You heard correctly.
  12. Wasn't the show always fake?
  13. Faker than the previously fake proposition?
  14. Yep. Boo, I wont be catching that. I remember when vH1 was talking about the new season and the seperate tapings when possible so they dont have to deal with each other. They said there was one scene where the girls exchange cookies or something and then a later shot shows Nicole throwing the cookies out the window of her car, lol.
  15. As always...controversy sells