Hiltn Head outlet was good to me!!!!!

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  1. I went to Hilton Head this weekend with my husband and two boys. Got this bag in black for $199 [​IMG] and I got the lion keyfob for $16[​IMG] I had a really good time. The pool and the beach were heavenly. I borrowed both pictures from the net.
  2. Great stuff--I love everything! Enjoy!
  3. i got some great things there last time i was there!!They have a good selection.My parents live in Hilton Head so I go there alot
  4. We will be going back the week after Christmas so I am going to be saving for a great buy then. I am limiting myself to leather outlet purchases, unless I am buying accessories. Hilton Head is a great vacation spot. We try to go twice a year. My husband is originally from Beaufort, SC and he is a coastal boy.
  5. Oh yes...it was VERY good to you!! Congrats!!
  6. Oooh! That bag is pretty and I've been looking for the lion, and at such a great price too! *jealous*
  7. I have already switched out my stuff from another Coach "work bag" into this one. The leather is so light and buttery. I really am on a ban unless I go to an outlet BEFORE Christmas. I now have 11 Coach bags. I want a diverse leather collection, but I do not want so many that I forget what I have in my closet. I have written down the name of each bag in my agenda since they are all in dust bags. And, I have made a ziplock bag my Coach receipt bag in my dresser so if I have any problems with one of my "investments" I can return/exchange without any drama.
  8. Wow! You got some great deals! Congrats
  9. I love that bag! I really wish I could go to the outlet... :girlsigh:
  10. I adore Hilton Head!!! I am glad you got a nice little haul. Very cute.
  11. I just love that little lion!! Is he going on that pretty new bag? Very nice!
  12. great buys!
  13. nice!
  14. I actually switched out my keys from a red Brighton keyring I had been carrying for the last three years. I chose the lion because I am a Clemson tiger graduate. I try to make Coach work for me any way I can!!!!!!:shame:
  15. Great deals. Love you bag.