Hillier Hobo

  1. Hi ladies!! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I just ordered my Hillier Hobo in the Saddle color today!!:yahoo: I can't wait to get it
  2. such a gorgeous bag! i've been lemming this ever since i saw it. post pics when you get it!
  3. congrats! post pics when you get it!
  4. Congrats--can't wait to see it!!
  5. I'm a new Marc by Marc Jacobs fan and just ordered this exact bag this morning! The lovely color and gold hardware won me over. I'm very excited!
  6. I just ordered one too - in Grey!! Can't wait for it to come!!
  7. We will all have to post action shots when we get our bags!! I am hopeing that I will be able to wear mine mess. style:biggrin:
  8. I am kind of hopeing that the Saddle color will look like the Whiskey color of my Chloe Paddy bag:love:
  9. OOOH! Pictures please!! I'm going to order one soon too!
  10. Congrats MissJenny -- the Hillier is a lovely bag! Also, lovekoobabags, where did you order yours from? I've been searching for the Hillier in Mouse Grey and it's sold out seemingly everywhere!
  11. Congrats, please posts pics when you get her!
  12. Can't wait to see her! I LOVE the hillier hobo!
  13. yay! congrats.
  14. hi guys! i was wondering how much they cost? be ause on the Barney's site it says $478 but on the Neiman Marcus site it was $398 so i was confused as to the actual price. that be great, thanks!
  15. I checked out Shopbop and there are two different sizes, thus the price difference.