Hillary .. she's shrinking


what purse next?
Jan 1, 2006
I dont know about you guys...but she's shrinking away...I just don't wanna hear in the coming months...she weighs less than Nicole R. Where is the intervention for the girls, my mom would kill me if she sa me as a 00 in pants...


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Her teeth have grown some huge veneers though !

And yes, I've noticed that she's shrunken considerably.. but maybe with La Lohan putting back on some pounds, she'll follow suit and see that not every fledging starlet has to be a 00.
xikry5talix said:
I saw that video on the disney channel last night! It's SO weird!

me t:huh:! as i was watching it i kept thinking her face looks...alienish :weird: now.. she used to be SO adorable i hope she does take after lohan and put some weight back on..some one should hold her up to a mirror and let her see she is practically translucent now...
I liked her in between, but it seems like most actresses don't stay in between for long.
I thought she was prettiest when she lost A LITTLE baby fat, but not now that's she SO skinny.