hillary duff style

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  1. could you should pictures of her wearing those styles?
  2. Hilary has a great stylist. When left to her own, she can look a bit tacky. Her stylist is really helping her transition from child star to It girl. I like her concert outfits but I'm not sure whether her everyday outfits are that cute.. She does have some great bags though. :biggrin:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ^ Love her Chanel belt and I have similar fringe boots!

    Another celeb's style that I LOVE is Hayden Panettiere!
  5. lol your title says hillary..its hilary with one "l" :smile:
  6. sorry didnt know
  7. the 3rd outfit is kinda unflattering on her. she does wear a lot of cute things though.
  8. I really like what she has been wearing lately. I am in love with her Louis:heart:
  9. I love Hilary's style, she's so cute.
  10. Anyone who knows where this cardigan/ sweater is from?
    Hil's cardigan.jpg

  11. it's a velvet sibley cardigan!
  12. I think Hilary Duff's style is okay, nothing special really. I like Nicole and Lindsay's styles better. :smile:
  13. she has a cute style!