hillary duff cherry blossom bag

  1. i have never seen this color combo of the cherry blossom is it rare?
    colors look weird

  2. it's normal...that's the red/cream version! Cherry blossom came in brown/pink, pink/pink, and red/cream
  3. not as common as brown and pink..I love this color combo..they have papi,retro,cles and mirror
  4. does louis vuitton still make the cherry blossom collection?
  5. where have i been :shrugs: i have never seen this combo before i dont like it i love the pink cb
  6. Red/Creme CB bags are rarer [is that a word?] than brown/pink and pink/pink.
  7. Cami: No they don't. It was only out in the Spring of 2003. To find them now you need to check eBay!
  8. The line that got away...
  9. So unfair,. In 2003 I was 14 and not into lv yet,.:hysteric:
  10. I hear ya cami.....I've been buying them on eBay!
  11. i know Michelle!! :crybaby:
  12. i love this line.. i didn't like it at first, but now i'm digging it so much (figures, now that it's gone lol)
  13. mhm. red&cream :o)
  14. I've always loved the red/cream papillon..I WILL have one someday..it's gorgeous!!
  15. i have the Papillon in this combination and it's the only combination i really like, because it's the rarest and not as commonly faked as the other combinations