Hillary and her stam

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    I'm lovin this bag.
  2. It is lovely i have it in cream/white. i dont like the black in this bag, my mum loves it though.
  3. Thanks for the pic. I like Hilary's stam. Is that one from fall 05?
  4. It looks great on her for sure!
  5. wow..she has really grown up...she looks GREAT
  6. How on earth is she getting it to fit over her shoulder!? Do ya'll fit yours over your shoulder? I didn't think that bag would work that way!
  7. yes, mine fits over my shoulder...i guess it depends on your body frame?
  8. Maybe so... I am 5'9", but slim. Still, when I put it on my shoulder, the kisslock is right up under my arm. Are the handles on the current ones shorter than on the suede lined ones, perhaps?
  9. Great bag and she looks so pretty!
  10. She looks great! I love the black Stam, that is the color I have.
  11. Same here but I am much shorter at just 5'2. The kisslock is right under my arm, not very comfortable to carry it that way. I have the newer cavas lined version.
  12. Can someone tell me whhat jeans she is wearing? I LOVE them.
  13. im really liking her bag collection. hehe.
  14. She is really pretty! Wow owww...little Hillary is growing up.*tear* but seriously she looks great!
  15. Her Stam looks like one from the Fall 05 collection...the handles are longer than the current collection of Stams. I'm a small person and my 2006 Stam barely fits over my shoulder.