Hilary's bag?

  1. can anyone tell me which bag hilary is carrying? thanks :biggrin:

  2. may be from gucci ostrich line..
  3. Not sure about the bag but it is VERY cute!
  4. The bag is nice but she looks like an old lady sitting at the pool in Boca. She's had better days....
  5. ^^agreed.
  6. no idea!!!
    to me it looks too 'plain' po be a Gucci....!:biggrin:
  7. Love it!
  8. it looks to plain to be gucci, i agree....um hermes? i doubt that tho,
  9. I was thinking of Hermes ostrich too... but not too sure.
  10. this is the gucci mandarin ostrich. the leather looks very similar to hilary's bag, so maybe it is by gucci?

  11. may be it's a Gucci.