Hilary Swank

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  1. I am glad they never had children. As a child of divorce, I must say that it's a *****.
  2. So, another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. There have been so many break-up reports lately that I am unfazed by it all.

    Quite frankly, celebs change mates as they do underwears so I am not surprised. Honestly, I never cared for this mix-match couple anyway.

    I am amazed Brit and Kevin are still married. She probably is doing the Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown thing where she knows everyone thinks he is no good but is trying to stay in the relationship to try to prove everyone wrong. It's just a matter of time...
  3. This is sad. They are so cute together!
  4. That really sucks! They were so cute together too. :sad2:
  5. hilary swank---damn look at her body :nuts:

  6. Dang! That is hot! OK... time for me to hit the gym...
  7. OMGaawwwd.
    *removes the piece of donut from her mouth*

    Why is life so unfair?!?!?!?! *sniffle*

    She looks brill...must-start-working-out
  8. WOW, she is amazing. I am not even jealous by the body, more like in awe and so inspired by her.
  9. HOTNESSSSSSSSSS:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  10. She does look fantastic. Yes, must start back exercising.......................
  11. Egawds...wow.....she looks unbelievable!
  12. I might as well keep eating my donut, because I can't turn back the clock! She's YOUNG. 'Nuff said!
  13. LMAO

    I'm with you, notblushing!
  14. Wow, she looks amazing.
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