Hilary Swank: screws Chad Lowe

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  1. I just on ET that Hilary Swank was telling everyone about her husband's drug addiction three years ago. Was that really necessary? I think that was totally wrong of her. I no longer like her. Did she ever hear of loyalty. (even if their no longer together)
  2. I was pretty shocked by her coming out and saying that his drug addiction is what caused the rift in their marriage. I guess she talked about it during her interview with Vanity Fair. And there have been rumors going around that VF will only give their covers to people who will spill the beans!!!
  3. Yeah, seems kind of tacky.
  4. maybe she talked to friends about it{?}
    I'd have to talk to someone if my DH was an addict. I can't believe she stayed for so long if he's been an addict that long.
  5. Yes...it's not necessary for her to say it. Let him do it.
  6. she also made some dig about his frustration with the lack of opportunities in his own career...not nice!
  7. ^yeah, THAT's low! :sad:
  8. Lost some respect for her with this interview. I didn't picture her for saying stuff like that. thought she was more private. But who knows if she really said it...
  9. I missed the interview. but being the wife of a recovering addict, I can see where she might have thought this was productive. again, I don't know her real motive but it is very possible that if the addict is not willing to be honest about their problem, the partner may do so to "flush" the addict out of their silence and get help. Its a very kind of co-dependent thing to do.

  10. I agree too, but i would tell my close friends, not the whole public... :wtf: if she stood by him this whole time, she probably did it too, just not as much :huh:
  11. I agree with Swanky.:yes:
  12. It's one thing not to enable someone, but what happened to anonymity?:sad:
  13. It may be that she was tired of people implying that she cheated or was guilty of some other misconduct so she decided to speak out.
  14. Yea, I was disappointed in her a few years ago when she won an Oscar for Boys Don't Cry and her hubby was in the audience balling because he was so proud and she didn't even thank him. Yea, I know it happens, didn't it happen to Jennifer Anniston too? But I thought she brought it up in an interview after the awards (in the back room where they do interviews) and she immediately thanked her hubby and was embarrassed for forgetting.

    Anyways, I saw the interview too. I thought it was also tacky and rude and rude of her to bring up his past. They have been together since she was 18 (13 years)! And if she loved him she would not smear him on her way out. Pretty low class! I also thought it was a little early and unsensitive to declare something like "she's the happiest she's been right now"

    I hope he finds someone nice!! I remember having huge crushes on him when he was on Life Goes On... I know that dates me...
  15. Who knows what to believe on this one...another sad situation. Wish them both the best and I am really glad there were no kids involved in this break-up.