Hilary Swank: New Face For Guerlain Perfume !

  1. Hilary Swank New Face of Guerlain Perfume

    Patricia Johnson

    Hilary Swank is the new face of Guerlain’s ‘Insolence’ perfume.
    The Hollywood actress will represent the brand for three years.
    The Academy Award winning actress was chosen by the French cosmetics giant for the launch in September 2006.
    Chief Executive Renato Semaerari told WWD:" She is more than just a spokeswoman for us. She was the muse for the project.
    The company choose Swank because they felt she had the personality and character which embodied the Guerlain spirit.
    International Marketing Director Laurent Boillot added:" She is a feminine mix of Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro. She is capable of transforming herself."

    What do you think ?
  2. I think she is STUNNING and would look great in the ad campaign!!!:yes:
  3. i wonder how the Insolence smells like, i have their Aqua Allegoria Pivoine Magnifica which I love.
  4. Actually she looks really sweet. I approve. *nods
  5. she seem's sweet I think she will do perfect!.
  6. hrm. that's not how *I* see guerlain at all...but i'm also just a customer, not their marketing director. :smile:

    not a big hilary swank fan, but that won't stop me from trying the perfume if it has any vanilla in it.