Hilary & Joel (of Good Charlotte)

  1. I didnt even know they were dating until this afternoon. Now that shes 18 their 8 year age difference doesnt really make a difference. I think it's sweet :] I thought this article on them was really sweet too.
    6.jpg 010306_duff_madden180.jpg 20060107hilaryjoel.jpg duffmadsen.jpg 82632186_33833fcf68_o.jpg Joel.Madden.Hilary.Duff.jpg joel_et_hilary.jpg
  2. Man, her teeth still bug me.
    Their body language is very connected, they seem like a cute couple.
  3. I think they are super cute! But ya her teeth were much better before her terrible horse veniers!
  4. They are SO cute! I hope they last! :love:
  5. I was never a fan of her until recently! LOVE her now!!!
  6. they look really happy together.
  7. :lol::lol::lol: ditto about the teeth. Gotta agree they do look cute together
  8. I love them as a couple, I also love how he will hold her purse. My boyfriend wont even go near my purse, let alone carry it! lol:biggrin:
  9. do you have a before and after pics? the teeth looks fine to me
  10. They always look so cute together. I hope they'll last.
  11. YOU SAID IT!!! My DH wouldn't be caught dead with my purse in his hand!!! LV or NOT!!!:lol:
  12. Haha. That is so sweet of Joel, I love that picture. Look at him, he looks completely happy carrying it for her too. AW :heart:33
  13. I just wish she'd eat a hamburger...she's so skinny!!!
  14. My DH won''t carrry my bag either !!
  15. Check out this video (its on the left) - the way hes always hugging her and staring at her is sweet.