Hilary Duff's Virginity .......

  1. Hilary recently denied telling a magazine interviewer she was still a virgin n insisting she'd never talks about her sex life in public.
    Well, does this mean that it's just her way to say she's not virgin anymore???? She had a rockstar boyfriend n if she's keeping those virgin ideas maybe she'll end up losing him. Or maybe she started losing him than she changed her mind about virginity....????? Who knows......
    Anyway she looks way too old for an 18 year old girl, damn....... she used to be so cute...............


    source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. yeah... she was so cute... nowadays her face reminds me of a horse.
  3. I think she's still cute, but her face IS long like a horse and so is her sisters face now that I think about it!
  4. cheek (sp?) implants will give you that enlongated look
  5. I think she still looks really cute. =)
  6. i think she still looks cute too!
  7. She is a cutie! Plus, I love the way that she dresses :smile:
  8. Why do people care so much about a person's virginity. I never understood it. You're a girl of a certain age in hollywood and the hot question is, 'Are you a virgin'? That's just pushing the line IMO.
  9. yeah, she and her sister Haley, think that is her name, they do have long face shape. actually, i think that hillary's face didn't look that oval when she was doing the lizzie show, think it was due to the weight she had lost.
  10. eh it all started with britney spears saying she was a virgin and look at her now!
  11. Agree, this isn't something new though (ie. Brooke Shields). Only the stars themselves know the truth, most of them are just cover-ups anyway (issues with images and etc...)
  12. I think she's beautiful, but I had no idea she was only 18! I thought she was more like 25. As for the "virginity" thing, I don't believe a thing any star says anymore because of the Britney Spears thing. Virgin my bottom.
  13. she can't act!
  14. agreed. but i think its cute how she and her boyfriend are taking things seriously.
  15. Does it really matter?:nuts: