hilary duff's damier azur... one more time!

  1. i've been plagued about the LV damier azur speedy 25 or 30 question -- apparently like some others on here!

    so i know in the pic of hilary duff where she's wearing black, it's definitely a 30.
    but in the pic of her in white sweatpants, it looks like a 25 to me. is it? or is it still a 30??

    someone please help! i'm not sure which size to get. i feel sometimes the 30 overwhelms me... and sometimes it's fine. and sometimes the 25 feels small, but sometimes i think it's fine. i'm confused. please help!
    hilarysazurespeedy.jpg hilarysazurdown.jpg
  2. Both are 30 and fab !!!
  3. I've always preffered the look of the 25 :yes:
  4. Me, too!
  5. I have it in the 30...I luv luv luv it!

    BTW, Hil has awesome style, so cute!!! :tup:
  6. wow thanks for the quick responses! i appreciate it :smile:
  7. You're welcome !!! :p
  8. Get a 30 and a 25! Maybe one damier, one azur?
  9. Love the 25. 30 also seems a bit big for me...

    I agree the second pic is a 25...the first won't load for me, stupid computer.
  10. ^^^ great idea!:tup:
  11. I find Azur and Damier to be cuter in the 25 but I like Mono in 30 ...go figure:p!
  12. More pics.


    It's a 30 for sure.
  13. It's a 30...the 2nd picture makes it look smaller from the angle the photo is taken. The bag looks cute on Hilary, but I much prefer size 25 on myself.
  14. I love speedy 30, but in the damier azur and ebene i prefer them in 25.
  15. 25 is cute. 30 is Chic!