Hilary Duff's Cartier bag

  1. [​IMG]

    Can any ID this bag???
    Her new guy is nice to.

    Julianne Moore 's got one too.

  3. Cartier is more well known for their jewelry and watches, but I actually like this Cartier bag:


    What do you guys think?
  4. I love how big it is...looks like a fabulous bag (at a not so fab. price probably!!)

    Are you thinking about getting it?
  5. Hey, it's quite nice! Didn't know Cartier made bags... Oops...

    But I have to say I like some of the €30 bags I can find here at Invito are nicer than this Cartier one.
  6. To me, it looks like she was showing the bag in order to get it photographed. Wouldn't it be more comfortable to carry it another way?
  7. my big bags always end up doing that when i have them on my wrist. they bump against my thigh and do that.
  8. Ohh! I love it!
  9. I had no idea they made bags! I actually thought that double "c" logo was Cole Haan! Shows what I know.
  10. two more pics


    hilaryduffmike.jpg hilaryduffmike2.jpg
  11. i like the bag but i don't really like the logo on it. it kinda reminds me of chanel...:s
  12. ^ Yeah, it kind of reminds me of the Chanel Coco Cabas, and the Loewe Napa Aire. I think it's pretty nice.
  13. ..wonder what the price is...
  14. the price is probably outrageous!