Hilary Duffs Bag?

  1. Hard to tell from the pics but it looks very cute.. Any clues?

  2. Jimmy Choo?
  3. lol is it chimmy choo?
  4. I'm not a JC expert but it does look like a JC to me.
  5. oh wait, maybe a MJ?
  6. I don't know, but it sure is cute!
  7. Marc Jacobs Hudson? She loves Marc Jacobs...usually see her with the Capra
  8. Yes that's a MJ bag:yes:
  9. Yep, looks like an MJ Hudson to me! :yes:
  10. ^^^ITA! Definitely Marc Jacobs!
  11. Good work TPfers!

  12. That bag looks yummy ;)
  13. Its too cute for words!!!! Too bad u cant find them anymore!
  14. Oooo, it's on sale... someone grab it!