HILARY DUFF: Dignity World Tour - Winnipeg, Canada July 28

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    She is extremely sexy!
  3. She looks great! Thank you for the pics!
  4. She looks good! I'm glad she's not turning out like the rest of young hollywood!
  5. She's so beautiful! Love her.
  6. She's so gorgeous!
  7. She is very hot!What a nice legs!wow
  8. She is gorgeous!
  9. She's so hot.. !! She's changed so much.. really grown up.
  10. love her legs.Hilary looks gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous!!!!!!!
  12. She's so hot.. !!
  13. Wow she looks so pretty,thanks for posting!Love those legs!
  14. She's so hot!wow!
  15. She 's just gergeous!