Hilary Duff Boozing & Bingeing, The New Lindsay Lohan?

  1. Pop star Hilary Duff partied the night away, with a cigarette in one hand and a mixed drink in the other, at Area nightclub in Los Angeles. The 19-year-old role model hit up the young-Hollywood-hot-spot with her new 26-year-old hockey-playing beau Mike Comrie. Apparently underage drinking is still all the rage in LA.

  2. :nogood: I hope it dont become routine for her. She beautiful and talented.
  3. once in a while is OK, but pleas Hil don't turn out like the rest of young hollywood.
  4. ITA!
  5. Interesting..
  6. You can't be compared to Lindsay Lohan till you've been busted w/ coke...TWICE! A feat even for us normal people....
  7. 19 years old is underage for drinking but that didn't stop Lindsay, Britney, etc etc. :rolleyes: Look how much good that did them. I hope this was an exception to the rule for Hillary.
  8. If no one takes the club's liquor's license away, they will continue to sell liquor to underage drinkers because they probably spend more money than your average legal Joe!:sad:

    IMO, I think the club/bars should be held equally responsible when something happens to the underage drinkers.:yes:
  9. I agree!!!
  10. I'm always amazed at how many girls smoke.
  11. Aye me.....NEXT! Paris, Nicole, Lindsay...who's left? Hilary of course! She must have gotten bored with not getting as much press....
    Let's just hope it's not another train wreck....:tdown:
  12. One drink isn't what I'd call boozing. If she had six of those, I would call that boozing.
  13. Yes! There's gotta be some decent role models out there left in young Hollywood.
  14. as a 21 year old college student at a party school, i take a step back and think...is this really all that big a deal? all of her unfamous fellow 19-year-olds are doing the same thing at college right now, slightly illegal or not. i got out a night or two a week and have a few drinks, and sometimes i have a cigarette too, and i have since i was 18. i've been offered cocaine numerous times and turned it down. so until she's falling out of cars with no panties on like the rest of them, i say let Hil have a good time. she seems to have a decent head on her shoulders and a very involved mom, so maybe she won't be like the rest of them.

    i mean, the things my friends and i do...i've thrown up at 2 in the morning in the grass outside my building, made out with a coworker of mine on a pool table in the middle of a bar (he totally started it), had way too many rounds of dollar shooters, gone to class still a little drunk the next day and in the same clothes i wore the night before...and i have a 3.7 GPA and i'm up for a promotion at my full-time job.

    so i hope Hil can both play hard and work hard, and i hope she doesn't let the fun get the best of her.
  15. ^^ I thought the same thing when it was reported that Daniel Radcliffe got a li'l tispy one night on wine and mixed drinks.

    He had just turned 18, what college student wouldn't be doing that and as long as he doesn't make it a daily habit he should be fine.

    (And he was with his parents, so I highly doubt he was doing shots.)