Hilary and Haylie Party at Les Deux

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    Hilary and Haylie Duff left Les Deux in L.A. separately last night, but we caught them when Hilary tried to sneak out the back door and got stuck in some traffic as other cars tried to leave at the same time. It looks like Hilary enjoyed her night out. She looks exhausted and dreamy, but Haylie seems surprisingly refreshed after a night out, huh?

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  4. Hilary looks a lot like haylie in some of those pictures.
  5. I love that damier azur speedy, the patina is very pretty too!
  6. They were both sporting LV... I think Hil looks great.
  7. Hilary looks way better than Haylie IMO
  8. I just noticed the dentelle speedy, those girls love there LV!
  9. That girl in the back is smiling for the Paparazzi LOL in that one picture.
  10. Haylie looks great!
  11. I like them both and love their bags :smile:
  12. They both do LV very well......
  13. Got to love LV!!
  14. They look great!! I love Hilary hair and bag.
  15. they looks great OP thanks for posting!