HILARIOUS!!! The Evolution of Dance!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG that was genius!!!!!
  2. Wow i found this hilarious!!
  3. :roflmfao: That is hilarious!!! Thanks Swanky! I've already forwarded it to my standard email list. I totally remember some of those moves...
  4. FANTASTIC!! It was hard to hold in the laughter, he was pretty good. :lol:
  5. OMG, this was awesome!!!!!!!!!
  6. Why are men so funny (and cute) when they dance?! :lol: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I loved it so much, I watched it twice!!! :yes: Thanks SwankyMama! :biggrin:
  7. Oh my gosh hahahahaah!!! Thanks for the link :roflmfao:

    It brings back soooo many memories heheheh :lol:
  8. too cute
  9. That was AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  10. Hilarious :lol:
  11. :biggrin: That was funny! :lol:

    Thanks for the link!
  12. I think he was quite on POINT! :lol:
  13. OMG that was so funny!
  14. Very funny! It would make a great exercise video! A trip down memory lane...and no same move twice! :roflmfao: