Hilarious response about LV date code

  1. I recently asked about a date code on an item on Ebay
    this is the response I got:

    Hi I can't find the date code. All my items are 100% authentic. Please read my feedback. I want to explain something to you about the date code, first I buy a lot of Louis Vuitton an I am very well know by the store manager in the LV Boutique on Rodeo Drive,in Beverly Hill, California, second all the date code means is that in case something goes wrong with the handbag it lets Louis Vuitton know which factory the item was made in and not all of the little accessories have a date code. Something else you might be interested in knowing just for your knowledge there have been many a fake LV's out there that have the date code stamped in them. I will never be happy and am completely against the people that make these fake items not only the Louis Vuitton, but other designers as well, so please understand that when the date code is asked I have to laugh because it does not mean authenticy. Please verity this with any of the Louis Vuitton Boutiques or a manager or you can even call the Louis Vuitton 800 number and they will be happy to verify this with you. I just want you and everybody else to be protected from fakes.
    Thank you for your interest in the bag.

    Um - ya.
    I responded and said "I wanted to know about the date code because sometimes sellers clain there to be a code and it's crazy like M2318726".

    I have since found out (from this forum - thanks all) that the mini Papillon (which this auction was for) doesn't have a date code.
    If this seller is so knowledgeable about LV then why didn't she just say that the Papillon doesn't have a date code in it??

    My favourite part is: so please understand that when the date code is asked I have to laugh because it does not mean authenticy.

    Well - since you laugh at me I will sure to buy your bag :roflmfao: a-hole!

    :rant: Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. LOL, bet you didn't think you were going to get a book as a response. :P
  3. LOL! I think there is a seller who uses that Rodeo Dr. thing in all her responses...and I'm pretty sure she was a fake seller too.
  4. What she says is true though. Not all LV have datecodes & thhe datecode is only an indication of when & where you item was made. Datecodes don't prove authenticity, but they can out a poor fake with those long #'s like the one you listed. Super fakes use real date codes.
  5. ^^^ :yes:
  6. I think I have received that response too. :weird: I personally will not buy from someone who responds with that attitude, true or not, JMO.
  7. OMG..it's hillarious!!! The seller think you are a newbie in LV world..it's just
    too funny the way she "educate" you

    Well - since you laugh at me I will sure to buy your bag :roflmfao: a-hole!

    LOL:lol: :roflmfao:
  8. :roflmfao: Oh help me! ^^^Yeah, I agree..it's in the 'tude tho her intentions may have been good...
  9. The seller is right most of the fakes have datecode (fake datecode of course usually SP0053)

    I'm pretty sure she is legit. Just post the link in authenticate this section.
  10. Ya - I'm already going to LV University here at TPF:smile:

    I also like to ask for Date code to see if they even respond!
  11. I think it's a nice answer and at least she took the time to explain what means the datecode. Also few louis vuitton bags are prototype (only few) and they don't have a datecode stamped inside (for most). But these bags are quite rare anyway.
  12. That's only the GOOD fakes =)

    I don't care if she's legit - I don't wany her bag anyhoo = Rudy mcRude (her - not you)
  13. I just didn't like the part about 'I have to laugh' - like I don't know anything. I certainly know that date codes can be faked.
    Doesn't she know who I AM? - Well actually - I'm nobody - but still...
  14. At least she responded lol I'm still waiting for some seller's response until now lol
  15. hehehe