Hilarious Paris Hilton Interview With David Letterman (Sept 28 2007)

  1. I feel sorry for her.
  2. Erm... I didn't find it funny at all. What a bad interview. I'm glad she kept her cool. Even I felt embarassed for her just watching it. :s Not funny at all.
  3. well, i'm pretty sure she knew what she was asked before...
  4. This is the very first time I feel bad for Paris Hilton...
  5. I don't pity her, but he was really rude.
  6. ITA! I'm not a fan of her but I feel sorry for her
  7. Whatever she did, is one thing, but to showcase her the way he did was just tasteless! The joke has been over for months, maybe someone needs to clarify that to him. Or maybe he can't find any new material to entertain himself with. Let the girl re-build herself.
  8. I can't believe I am saying this, I feel bad for her.
  9. I also felt bad for her, and I usualy never have sympathy for her.

  10. ^^^
    ITA, everyone should get a shot at a second chance....who knows, people can change?
  11. Ouch! I actually feel sorry for her, and I am not a Paris fan at all.
  12. I have to agree it was embarrasing but she could have known beforehand the interview would focus on that (or any other of her missteps). She went on Letterman anyway for publicity. Can't say I feel sory for her.
  13. the whole thing was just really uncomfortable to watch.
    i've never been a fan of letterman or paris, and this just further cemented that:tdown:
    you could tell he knew he crossed the line after the commercial break when he raved about how gorgeous and sweet she is... whatta hot mess - the hot:nogood:
  14. all I can say for the situation is, "thats NOT hot"