Hilarious! Is it Donna Karen or Donna Karan?

  1. hi bryanboy! That is too funny! It's like, is it louis vuitton, or louie vuitton?
  2. It's Donna Karan.:yes:
    I was just looking at this auction site too- I HAVE NOT GOTTEN ANY WORK DONE TODAY!!!! :shocked: :lol:

    Oh, well, I'm having fun.... PF, you have sucked me down into your clutches!

    I am officially ADDICTED!:shame:
  3. LOL!!! This is so funny!!

    Marly - welcome to the club!
  4. Gee, if you have the garment sitting right in front of you to photograph, you would think getting the name right would be no trouble. :P

    It seems like I see a lot of auctions for Donna Karan items that are listed as being "Donna Karen".