Hilarious Fake!

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  1. That is just horrible.
  2. I like that the seller answers one of the questions as "....this is not a purse". So true.
  3. :lol: Damn, that's fugly! One of the worst fakes I've ever seen :sick:
  4. "came from the mall of america" Maybe from the parking lot! LOL

    That is so bad.

  5. $1500 BIN wooooo hooooo!
  6. That is one nasty fake and The Mall of America doesn't even have a LV boutique!
  7. And he wants HOW MUCH for that piece of crap?????
  8. I should post on his auction and ask him what store in the mall of america?

  9. LOL! The back outer pocket is on crooked!
  10. Selena,
    Do it!!
    We need to come up with some subtle questions for him that people that know LV will LOVE!!!!!
    I am not good at that...too blunt...

    Anyone have any? I will post the question!!!
  11. I emailed him.

    "If it's not a purse, then what is it?? What store is it from? "
  12. Someone must have gotten to the seller...the auction was ended early.
  13. LMAO!! Nice work!
  14. I hope nobody bought it !