Hilarious! Fake Bbag on Saturday Night Live right now!

  1. Irrelevant I know, but it's funny how fake she is!!
  2. I saw the Balenciaga, but I don't know anything about them. That's really interesting. I can't believe SNL can have a fake one on the show?? But it makes sense for the character.
  3. Did you watch Madtv too? I think Carmen Electra had a black Balenciaga during her skit.
  4. yeah i saw the carmen elecrtra one....
  5. I was definitely watching SNL and started screaming at the TV that it was a fake. My sister thought I was totally insane, and was a little disturbed that I could tell it wasn't real.
  6. I missed it!! (Was sitting in TRAFFIC in Los Angeles at that time...YES, traffic at 1130pm... :cursing: )

    Does anyone have a screen shot? Was it in a skit?
  7. Ya, it was a skit. The tassels were so stiff and kinda stood on end, it was hilarious! I don't remember much of the skit because I was making the thread.
  8. It was about two stupid people that wanted to adopt a baby. Maybe not stupid but self absorbed and superficial. I thought they used the bag on purpose as well as it being a fake. It would of been like satire on Paris Hilton wanting to adopt. I personally thought they chose the bag on purpose because so may celebs have them.
  9. I WISH I HAD SEEN IT!! Who was the guest?
  10. LoL ... I just posted this on "a place for the fakes" before I saw this thread. This was the second time I've seen this fake bag on SNL ... it also made an appearance on a skit with these same characters earlier this season.
  11. It was Jeremy Piven.
  12. I think they use the fake on purpose. They all live in NY, so they know what a real one looks like. I think it's an inside joke on "fake" people.