hilarious ebay bbag auction

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  1. I was so disgusted by the chewed handle and so shocked that people would actually BID on the bag that I couldn't bring myself to look closely enough at it to even try to determine authenticity.

    This listing goes down and one of the most bizarre that I have ever seen.

    Who would want this thing?
  2. That thing looks like it's been run over by a truck :blink:

    The bag, not the poodle :P
  3. that's one sad looking bad, fake or not.
  4. Tragic sight
  5. Aw, the poor doggy has such a regretful expression, almost like he knows why he's being photographed...
  6. Is the poodle included too? :lol:
  7. poor doggie..guilty as charged!!and even publicized..haha
  8. Hehehe. On a second thought- It's probably real, but how did she get the leather so wrinkly? It's as if it's been put in the washer with a pinch of detergent!! Someone should start a gallery for pitiful bbags.
  9. The bag looks like its made out of parachute material! LOL!
  10. Thank you for posting this--it's beyond hilarious--especially the fact that people are bidding on it!!!

    I feel sorry for the dog. My dogs never touch my bags--they chew on each other. That poor poodle needs a sibling. :sad:
  11. :lol: @ the bag!
  12. Poor bag! BAd dog! J/K :lol:
  13. Poor bag! BAd dog! J/K :lol:
  14. :amazed: Im afraid I would have to say not such thing as a "poor doggy" in this situation. He would be the replacement for my new handbag!:lol::lol: (lol)
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